If you’ve recently become interested in the unique benefits offered by a Montessori education in Little Falls, NJ, you’re not alone. More and more parents in the area are discovering the benefits that the Montessori method of teaching provides, which solves a number of problems integral to traditional early childhood education. Some of these problems can include:

  • A one-size-fits-all approach to schooling. No two children are alike, but with so many students packed into the standard school system, it becomes a necessity for teachers to adopt a universal curriculum for their class. With smaller class sizes and more one-on-one attention, individuality is a cornerstone of a Montessori education.
  • A limited peer pool. In a traditional early childhood educational program, children are grouped by age. This means that, regardless of their skill or maturity level, they will only be allowed to interact with other children their age. Montessori classrooms offer mixed classroom settings, generally grouping children within a three-year age range. This setup mimics the familial structure, with older children providing guidance and instilling confidence in young children. This allows your child the opportunity to experience new perspectives from students that they otherwise may never have run into.
  • Teaching to the test instead of learning. “Teaching to the test” is a phrase that describes route memorization of facts, which is often mistaken for genuine learning because it produces high grades on tests and exams. In a Montessori classroom, students are not forced to memorize times tables or dates in history but instead encouraged to explore their interests. This freedom with limits sets children up to be lifelong learners.

Parents who choose Montessori value their child’s creative expression, and want to get them started with a love of learning early. If you want to see more creativity, independent thinking and confidence in your child, an authentic education from Monarch Montessori, one of the leading Montessori schools in Passaic County, NJ, may be right for your child.