Do you know about the power of a growth mindset? The growth mindset is the idea that intelligence is not a fixed concept. Instead, it is a fluid and always-changing quality that can increase or decrease depending on how hard we work at it.

Instilling a growth mindset in your child is an excellent way to teach patience, grit and persistence, but many parents are unsure how they can help their child to grasp the concept that they can improve their intelligence.

At Monarch Montessori, a leading Montessori school near Little Falls, NJ, we want your child to be all that they can be. Here are three simple exercises that parents can use to help instill a growth mindset in their child.

  • Use the right language. Children are amazingly perceptive. Something as small and seemingly inconsequential as the words that their parents use can have a massive impact on how they understand the world around them. One of the easiest ways for parents to help their children understand the growth mindset is to model it themselves. For example, instead of saying things like “I’m good at math” or “You’re very smart,” try changing your phrasing to “I’ve worked very hard to learn my times tables” or “Wow, all that effort you’ve spent reading about that subject has really paid off!” This will help your child to understand that their intelligence is not an inherent quality, but something that they have achieved.
  • Lead them to failure. Just like a baby isn’t born knowing how to talk and Michael Phelps wasn’t born knowing how to swim, children aren’t born with the intellectual skills that they will develop. Try teaching your child this by introducing them to a new memory or mind game, and don’t be afraid if they fail in the beginning. By practicing over and over again and getting better at the game, he or she will get the benefits of a job well done. This is similar to practicing a sport.
  • Praise the process. Many parents and teachers believe that praising a child’s intelligence is a good way to motivate them to learn. However, this does little to help the child develop persistence. Pay close attention to an area in which your child has failed recently, and go out of your way to praise their efforts, even if they aren’t quite there yet.

Teaching children about the growth mindset early is one of the best ways to help them develop the persistence that he or she will need throughout their adult life. Try applying some of these strategies in your home or school today.

If you wish to learn more about the growth mindset or find out about one of the best Montessori schools in Passaic County, NJ, contact our staff at Monarch Montessori today!