As a child, our parents are the first adults in our lives, and the beacon that we look to when we decide which actions are right and wrong and what is safe and unsafe. It can be easy for a child to become overly attached to a parent, which can make drop-offs at their Passaic County childcare excruciating. However, if you are the parent of a toddler, you may be inadvertently and unintentionally stifling your child’s sense of independence.

If you want to make 2018 the year that you help your child realize his or her independent spirit, consider incorporating some of these three resolutions into your plan this year.

  • Allow choices. One of the easiest ways to help your child develop independent thought is to offer them two choices and to honor the decision they have made. Asking your little one to make at least one simple and non-consequential choice a day (for example, choosing between his red shirt or green shirt) is a great way to start your child’s drive for independence.
  • Allow them to do things themselves. Yes, allowing a toddler to put on his or her shoes or pack their bag can seem like it takes a lifetime, but parents should resist the urge to swoop in and save the day. Doing things for small children that they can do themselves reinforces the idea that mom or dad will always be there to solve their problems, and stifles independence. Instead, offer coaching or gentle help if you see that your son or daughter is getting frustrated with the task at hand. Don’t forget to schedule more time to finish the job.
  • Encourage safe exploration. Constantly hearing “get away from there” or “don’t touch that” can make a child afraid to explore his own home. Make a plan to safety-proof your home so you can rest a little easier, and your child can grow their independence without saying “no!” too much.

For parents who are looking to build up their little one’s sense of independence, a traditional and authentic Montessori education can be the key to unlocking a whole new world of possibilities. We at Monarch Montessori provide room for independent exploration and safe risk-taking to help your child grow by exploring the world around them.

You can learn more about the Montessori method and enroll in one of the leading childcare centers in Passaic County by contacting our friendly staff at Monarch Montessori today!