You don’t need to be able to identify a Cezanne painting or a Rodin sculpture to have an appreciation for art. It’s not necessarily about discussing perspectives, angles, and mediums. Rather, it’s about learning to express yourself and understand how to be sensitive to another person’s point of view.

At Monarch Montessori, we’re the alternative elementary school in Passaic County, NJ, and we know that enriching your young child’s life with art is essential to their development. That’s because it offers them a chance to advance their creativity and imagination, and allows them to improve their concentration skills as well as their understanding of social and emotional situations.

Examination And Observation

Looking at art helps increase your child’s visual skills by presenting them with imagery and nonverbal cues that they can use to inform themselves. This creates an inquiry-based learning environment that readily lends itself to other aspects of learning, such as reading and writing.

Reactive Curiosity

Reflecting on a piece of artwork can allow children to ask mindful and introspective questions about it, and additionally the world around them. Since art is linked with emotions, this is a perfect opportunity to nurture more profound thought and the consideration of differing points of view.

Ability To Analyze

The contexts and motivations of an artist can be manifold, but looking at artwork can help children understand fundamental concepts like color, size, scale, and composition. These concepts can be used not only to inform the child’s understanding of art but also of the world around them.

Talking Art

Asking your child to discuss the art on their own terms and how it makes them feel can be a powerful tool to get them to express their emotional reaction as well as developing their vocabulary skills. This creates a comprehensive experience that involves learning on many levels and applications.

Introducing children to art is a perfect way to help them develop their own creative confidence and help them make overall improvements to their motor, social, and cognitive skills to give them a head start on the challenges ahead of them.

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