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Do you want your child to embrace their learning environment and foster their creativity to generate joy in learning? As one of the trusted and reliable childcare centers in Passaic County, NJ, our instructors encourage independent learning in a small group environment. There are numerous programs that you can enroll in to meet your requirements.

We’ll start caring for your child at six weeks old in a calm environment with activities and materials designed for a certain age group. Each classroom is uniquely designed with resources that cater to the group, continually changing as your child’s learning development grows. For daycare alternatives in Passaic County, NJ, we set a foundation for your children to gain disciplines in self-confidence, concentration, and motivation.

Your child’s instructor will use materials specially designed to adhere to the Montessori method. If you’re looking for childcare alternatives in Passaic County, NJ, our students are free to select activities that draw their interest, and can work at their own pace based on their abilities.

Childcare Alternatives in Passaic County, NJ

There are many benefits for your child to enroll in a program at Monarch Montessori. Our childcare centers in Passaic County, NJ help children stimulate their growth in physical, emotional, and cognitive aspects of life. We focus on enhancing your child’s social development at a young age, garnering their independence while progressing in small groups.
What is seen as the biggest differences when comparing childcare alternatives to traditional daycare centers?

• We provide your children with as much time as they wish to work on a project.
• Our mix-aged groups allow your children to learn with older and younger students, fostering relationships and their social development with peers.
• Your child is the dominant role, as the instructor is there for guidance and coaching in an environment that boosts self-discipline.
• Without a designed curriculum, your child chooses their work based on interests and abilities.

Our childcare centers in Passaic County, NJ incorporates a program for learning lessons needed to succeed in educational endeavors, and in life. Learning practical life exercises and how to adapt to the environment develops a sense of self, contributing to their lives outside of the classroom in a unique way. When looking for childcare alternatives in New Jersey, think Montessori. Monarch Montessori will help your child achieve independence through a healthy and happy atmosphere.

Monarch Montessori

Monarch Montessori School is an Initiate Member of the American Montessori Society (AMS). This assures our families and staff that certain standards and qualifications are maintained at our school. In order for our school to be a part of AMS, our teachers must hold recognized Montessori credentials and we must follow guidelines based on Montessori philosophy and procedures, as well as agree to abide by the AMS Code of Ethics. Monarch Montessori is a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility designed with the Montessori philosophy as a focus. It houses completely new interiors, furnishings and Montessori didactic materials. Further, our school is equipped with the best in digital technology for the safety, security, and comfort of our children.

About Our School

Spacious, bright, warm, and welcoming, classrooms are filled with natural light and provide an environment that is safe, clean, engaging, comfortable and homey. Classrooms for Infants are shoe-free and contain various and intriguing elements to engage the senses of our youngest learners and allow them full freedom of movement. Materials for Toddlers and Primary classrooms are organized attractively into the various subject areas on low, open shelving. Carpeting, natural bamboo flooring, child-sized furniture, book areas and surroundings that echo the home are designed to encourage children to create, explore, feel at ease and ready to learn.