Multi-age grouping is not a new concept to Montessori schools; the technique has been a staple in our education system for over 100 years. At Monarch Montessori, we implement multi-age grouping in our classrooms because it allows children to engage in a unique learning experience that lets them learn at their own pace, and one that is not determined by their age. Learning in classrooms that are not segregated by age gives older children the opportunity to serve as role models to their younger classmates as they teach them concepts they have already mastered.  

In a Monarch Montessori classroom, teachers and students build a strong bond because they are typically paired together for up to three years. By learning at a pace that suits the individual student, Montessori classrooms take into account the variations in the development of each child. Being paired together for an extended period lets students who struggle to master concepts more time to catch up with their classmates. Students work together and help each other master challenging concepts and support each other in reaching educational benchmarks.

Older students develop leadership skills by acting as teachers and mentors to the younger students. By teaching the younger students challenging concepts, older students reinforce concepts they have already learned. Students reap the benefits of collaborative learning as it develops their social skills naturally.

At Monarch Montessori we’re different than other Passaic County, NJ childcare providers, as our teachers are highly skilled in managing multi-age classrooms and helping children develop naturally. They act as a guide for students and introduce them to age-appropriate lessons and materials. Monarch Montessori supports multi-age classrooms because this type of learning environment builds a foundation for children to continue the development of social skills that will allow them to interact with different kinds of people as they grow older.

Monarch Montessori is proudly certified by the American Montessori Society. To learn more about how Monarch Montessori implements multi-age grouping in our classrooms or how our curriculum differs from other Passaic County, NJ daycares and schools, call 973-307-0595.