The purpose of discipline is to teach children, not to punish them or to make them passively obedient. Montessori Monarch, a preschool and daycare in Passaic County, NJ, follows the Montessori method of discipline: No shame, no bribes, and no yelling.

We know that children develop inner discipline when treated with kindness, firmness, and respect. Here is how we guide our students to make positive choices.

We Model Good Discipline

Children naturally mimic the actions of those around them. All of our classrooms support multi-age grouping, and older students model positive, self-disciplined behavior. Our Montessori Credentialed teachers also serve as guides and role models.

We Enforce Natural Consequences

When faced with the natural consequences, children learn why a rule is in place. If they can see the link between their action and its impact, they will make good choices even when adults are not watching. For example, if a child knocks over a glass of milk, the milk will spill, and the child will have to clean it up.

We Ask Questions

We don’t just say “No” or “We don’t do that” when a child misbehaves. We help them to think through their past and future decisions by asking questions. For example, if a child does not want to take a nap, we might ask, “Do you feel tired right now?” or “Do you feel sleepy when you skip naptime?”

We Know Each Child

It is vital to have appropriate expectations for children’s behavior based on their age and abilities. Then, we can use that knowledge to prepare for challenging situations and set them up for success.

We Offer Choices

We offer children simple choices from a very young age. This allows them to develop confidence in themselves. Even if children can’t make an informed decision in one situation, we let them know what will happen, comfort them if they are upset, and draw their attention to an area where they do have a choice.

We Validate Children’s Emotions

In a situation where children are not allowed to make a choice, they may become frustrated. We acknowledge children’s feelings and allow them to experience their disappointment. Once their initial emotion has passed, we can explain the reasoning behind our decision.

We Help Children Learn and Grow

Our private school near Essex County, NJ, helps children develop their individual potential for independence, growth, maturity, imagination, self-respect, and confidence. To find out more about the Monarch Montessori School, call 973-307-0595 today!