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Infant Program

6 Weeks to 18 Months

Welcome experiences

At this tender age, children have a great motivation to explore their environment through their senses. In this safe, clean and gentle environment, infants will be nurtured, provided with opportunities to grasp, reach, climb, and cruise, exercising both their fine and gross motor skills. They will learn the beginnings of language through modeling by teachers of object naming, being spoken to, and through song. In this multi-age setting, they will learn the beginnings of socialization with other children, be treated with love, respect and much affection.

Toddler Program

18 mo. to 3 yrs.

Growing Toward Independence

The children in this stage are sensorial explorers facing the important developmental challenges inherent in balancing separation and attachment, autonomy and the beginnings of independence. Dr. Montessori observed that from birth, childrens’ minds absorb impressions from the environment; these impressions become a part of their deepest self. Through thoughtful planning and design, Monarch Montessori provides indoor and outdoor environments that are both physically and emotionally safe and which invite and support this type of exploration.

Primary Program

3 to 6 yrs.

Enrichment & Readiness

Our Primary Program offers children aged three through six years a prepared environment where they can collaborate, meet with success and develop together. Children will be engaged in activities which encourage and foster curiosity, problem-solving ability, concentration, and progression from concrete to abstract ideas. These early years of practicing self-control, exploration and peaceful conflict resolution form the foundation for academic achievement, future scholastic success and satisfaction in learning.

Kindergarten Program

5 to 6 yrs.

Continued Enrichment & Readiness

If a child is a Primary student of at least 5 years of age, she may be eligible for Kindergarten Enrichment. The Primary Teacher, along with the Director, will determine the readiness of a child to begin Kindergarten Enrichment midyear at or about 5 years of age. Children who are enrolled in Primary, and are 5 to 6 years old, are encouraged to continue their educational process by participating in Kindergarten Enrichment activities five days a week.

Elementary Program

1st to 3rd Grades

Power of Concentration

In our new elementary program Monarch Montessori looks to fuel a developing need to understand the larger world by laying the foundations to help them collaborate and solve problems through innovation

Open Mon. – Fri. 7AM to 6PM | Before & After Care are included in full day pricing.

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Empowering & Essential

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What Makes Monarch Different?
We are an Authentic Montessori School that is committed to giving each child the knowledge and skills needed to become successful adults tomorrow.

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Our Montessori Preschools

It’s never too early to gain the benefit of independence and allow your child to delve into their curiosity. Our preschool near PA will provide hands-on learning through instruction from our specialized teachers, and an opportunity to work in small groups to collaborate on various projects. The preschool education in PA at Monarch Montessori is designed to stimulate growth and strengthen minds.

Not only will your children become comfortable in a learning environment through preschool at our schools, but they will gain confidence and motivation through pursuing their goals and utilizing their talents.

Montessori Schools in Passaic & Essex County, NJ

Thank you for your interest in Monarch Montessori.

Established in 2010, we are an Associate Member of the American Montessori Society (AMS).

You want the first educational experience of your child’s life to shape their future and establish a foundation for learning. As one of the few Montessori schools in Passaic County, NJ, our teachers encourage your children to develop independent learning techniques in an environment that brings their talents to the forefront of the classroom.

Following Maria Montessori’s approach to child-centered learning, our students foster their creativity and social development through their unique interests, helping them gain competence and independence at an early age at our daycare in Passaic County, NJ . Dedicated Montessori schools in Passaic County, NJ help students discover themselves and take an interest in education for continual development.

All facets of your children’s life experiences—ranging far beyond the classroom—are incorporated into our learning programs and daycare in Passaic County, NJ. Our education in Essex County and Little Falls, NJ focuses on emotional and behavioral development, leading to a learning enriched life.

Montessori Education in Little Falls, NJ

Your children are curious. They’re eager to learn new ideas and use their imagination and creativity. Our preschool and primary education in Little Falls, NJ has many programs for you to utilize as childcare alternatives in Passaic County, NJ. The principles and foundations set forth by Maria Montessori are the building blocks for a successful education and lifestyle.

Your child will see the opportunity to grow as a leader with our multi-age grouping, allowing older students to mentor and guide younger classmates, while offering a sense of confidence through that responsibility. We have incorporated a learning environment that helps your child develop the discipline and responsibility to lead a happy and confident lifestyle. Let your child enhance their creativity and independence. Contact us today or schedule a tour.