An independent, self-paced & guided kindergarten program for ages 5 & 6

Kindergarten Program NJ

The Kindergarten Enrichment program offered by Monarch Montessori School of Little Falls, NJ is for children ages 5 and 6 years old.  Monarch Montessori offers a prepared environment where they can collaborate, meet with success and develop together.

Students are introduced to a mission-based, self-directed learning environment that encourages confidence and inner motivation. Our goal is for our students to acquire a love of learning and to grow into confident and accomplished individuals. Monarch Montessori Kindergarten Enrichment students are empowered through their own exploration in an environment that fosters their independence and creativity while encouraging them to explore their unknown potential!

Monarch Montessori Kindergarten Enrichment Program is a fun and unique program that develops your child’s natural abilities through the use of hands-on, creative learning. Our curriculum encourages students to explore their world, gain independence, and learn at their own pace. Freedom through orderly experimentation and teacher-presented lessons allows children to practice independently or with a small groups.

Monarch Montessori Kindergarten’s enrichment program provides a variety of activities, including art and music, science investigations and information literacy, through which children learn to be thinkers, inquirers, participators and responsible decision makers. Monarch Montessori School is a safe and nurturing environment where your children receive an exceptional education in basic academics and social skills. This program introduces children to the world of science through hands-on exploration of natural resources, whereas typical classroom learning is encumbered by textbooks and other traditional materials.

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