Monarch Montessori School is located in the Fairfield area 07004, 07035

For Infants to 4th grade students, Monarch Montessori School is open near Fairfield! We are the best school for those in the Fairfield area. The school is accredited by the American Montessori Association and is great for anyone in the Fairfield area, located near Willowbrook Mall and  the entrances to I-80, Route 46 and Route 3.

Monarch montessori is a Preschool for Students near Fairfield

All ages will enjoy a true Montessori education in the Fairfield area. The curriculum focuses on 4 factors that encompass the development of the child. These areas of development are Physical, Social, Emotional and Cognitive. A student’s day at Monarch Montessori in the Fairfield area can include group time, individual work, snacks and lunch, cleaning, relaxation, exercise and outdoor play.

Children near Fairfield will study in Montessori classrooms that have been designed to allow students to develop their own skills.

Monarch Montessori has child-led classes in the Woodland Park area that allow students to choose their own work so they can grow at their own pace.

At Montessori Monarch near Fairfield, students are encouraged to bond together, creating stable communities and relationships with their teachers and other students.

Students in Fairfield have access to a special private school  environment. They experience order, coordination, concentration and independence.