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The children in our Little Falls, NJ toddler program are sensorial explorers facing the important developmental challenges inherent in balancing separation and attachment, autonomy and the beginnings of independence. Dr. Montessori observed that from birth, childrens’s minds absorb impressions from the environment; these impressions become a part of their deepest self. Through thoughtful planning and design, Monarch Montessori School provides indoor and outdoor environments that are both physically and emotionally safe and which invite and support this type of exploration. Learn more about our toddler program below or contact us today.

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What to Expect With Our Little Falls Toddler Daycare Program

These environments include activities which stimulate curiosity, allowing children to explore form, shape, movement and sound.
In Practical Life, for example, children will be immersed in the experiences of everyday living that support focus in all other endeavors. Home-based experiences such as sweeping, gardening, and pouring, then returning things to their place helps further develop fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and concentration. They will gain socialization through opportunities
to interact with other toddlers through group activities. They will explore language through connecting sounds and letters and naming objects and explore math through the beginnings of counting and sorting. Hands-on exploration of materials is paramount in this stage of development.

The extensive, concrete Montessori learning materials are designed to appeal to children’s deep interest, inspire repeated activity, promote coordination, and self-motivation. The classroom is divided into four basic areas including Practical Life (everyday living), Sensorial (materials which focus on one or more of the senses), Language, and Math. At the kindergarten level children begin a full day program which includes advanced academic work in the afternoon.

Early Childhood Development NJ Toddler program

Students enrolled in our nurturing toddler childcare program at Monarch Montessori School receive an accredited Montessori education. Monarch Montessori is a member of the American Montessori Society (AMS). Our classrooms are newly renovated and outfitted with Montessori materials, allowing for the highest quality of education for our students.

The staff at our toddler daycare in Little Falls, NJ is well-vetted. They are Montessori accredited and background checked. Each staff member id caring and is looking out for each student. They truly want the best for your child and will go above and beyond to help students learn.

Kindergarten Program NJ

Monarch offers a variety of enrichment activities for students to participate in. Yoga and Amazing Athletes help students stay active. The Little Petting Zoo introduces students to new animals. Music class is offered to give students exposure to the arts. We also offer educational enrichment programs such as Spanish class.

For holidays and special events, Monarch invites family members to visit and spend time with us. These events include our Trunk Or Treat, Holiday Hot Chocolate event, Parent Observations and more.

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One of the hallmarks of a Montessori education is the mixed age classrooms. Older students can often be found mentoring the younger ones. They have recently mastered these skills and activities themselves, and are happy to share with others. This is something that is unique to the mixed-aged dynamic of a Montessori classroom.

Children are given plenty of opportunity to socialize with others who are of various ages, both in the classroom and on the playground. Children interacting with each other often form lasting bonds.

Monarch Montessori

The Montessori Method encourage development through real life examples. Students are encouraged to learn things that will help them in their everyday lives through Practical Life Activities, such as trying new foods or cleaning up after themselves.

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