Learning tailored to challenge each child at their level of ability

Montessori Elementary School NJ

Nationally recognized Montessori elementary school in Little Falls, NJ: The Montessori curriculum is individualized to each student; Math, Language, Culture, Sensorial, Science, Art, Music, Social Skills and Motor Skills are focused on, built upon, and further developed.  The Monarch Elementary program offers benefits well beyond what can be experienced in other schools. Our program offers:

Learning tailored to challenge each child at his/her ability level. Though our teachers frequently have “group meetings” the curriculum is designed to constantly challenge each child at their own level. This means that a child who is in 2nd grade and who is advanced in math would be invited to join older students working on 3rd grade math work. Or, if a 3rd grade student is struggling with reading, they can work to the best of their ability, in the same classroom, on 2nd grade reading. The teacher is skilled at challenging the children at their level and pace – all within the same classroom.

Individualized attention with low student-teacher ratios. The classroom offers a smaller environment where the classroom would be capped at 10 children during Covid-19. We always have at least 1 teacher per 10 students.

Family and child-friendly schedules and limited homework. Our classroom offers approximately 5 hours of instruction daily. Lessons and practice happen at school, so homework would be limited without sacrificing academic progress.

Outstanding foundational skills in language arts, math and science. Our classrooms are well appointed with engaging, hands-on materials that progress in difficulty so children can learn, truly understand and master skills.

Learning tailored to optimally challenge each child at his/her ability level. Montessori focuses more on lessons to small groups based on ability, readiness, and interest. This means that each child is constantly challenged at just the right level. Because all instruction is individualized, and with mixed age classroom, children do not compare themselves against others as much and focus more on their own goals.

Curriculum beyond the literacy and math. Montessori is designed to foster curiosity and prepare children for life, not just for standardized tests. Our curriculum covers science, geography, cultural subjects, and history, with art and music integrated into the life of the classroom community. The acquisition and daily practice of social skills goes far beyond just good manners and includes respect, compassion, and tolerance for all humans and our natural environment.

Ability to use what they learn. Opportunities for many meaningful field trips and “going out” is plentiful as it allows children to apply the knowledge they are gaining in class. Whether a trip to a bagel shop to order food and count change, a visit to a local food pantry to help stock shelves or a trip to a local bird sanctuary to graph the variety of birds they are seeing, our students understand why they are learning and can apply their knowledge regularly.

A community of families. Parents find that within their Montessori community, they are able to connect with people who share similar parenting styles, and who all value the investment of a great education for their children. 

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