Encouraging Kindness in Kids

Encouraging Kindness in Kids

Kindness and compassion are important qualities for people to have. They help a person be well-rounded and
understanding of where others are coming from. Therefore, parents want to nurture these qualities in their children.
There are easy ways to teach and encourage kindness in a child’s life.

Model it

Children like to copy the people around them. Let them see you telling your partner you appreciate them cooking dinner
or thanking the barista for handing you your drink at the coffee shop. They’ll begin to do the same.

Help out together

Set a day once a week or month to volunteer as a family. Giving back will show them the importance of doing things for

Don’t spoil them

Part of being a compassionate and well-rounded person is knowing that you can’t always get what you want. Don’t spoil
your kid and they’ll appreciate the things they do have. This will lead to them being more adept to helping others.

Write a note

When they do something you like, write them a note expressing your appreciation. Tell them in detail what they did that
was kind. They’ll want to repeat those behaviors. Alternatively, write little notes for no reason and spread the kindness.

Look for the good

Point out positive stories you see on the news or other people doing good that you happen to pass on the street. Seeing
the good things in life can serve as inspiration to them.

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