Improving Your Child’s Memory

Ways to Improve your Child’s Memory

Memory is important. It allows us to relive important experiences and life and helps us learn. Having an improved memory can help boost a kid’s language skills and help them experience life more vividly. Here are some tips to help them boost their memories.

Stick to a Routine
If your kid knows that something happens the same way every day, they’re going to remember it.

Play a Game
Play a memory-boosting game or just make one up. Ask them if they recognize familiar places as you pass by them, or remove an object after a while of them playing with it and ask them if they realize what’s missing. They’ll start to be more observant and remember things more often.

Ask Questions
When they get home from school or a playdate, ask them what they did and who they saw there. It will show them that it’s important to pay attention to what is going on around them and improve their memory of these events.

Music is a powerful memory booster. If you want your kid to remember something specic, make up a song about it! It’s a tool they can use going into their future.

Let them Sleep
Getting enough sleep is key for proper memory retention. Toddlers need about 11-13 hours of sleep per day, so be consistent about naps and


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