How to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthy

How to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthy

How to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthy

How to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthy: Eating healthy can be a struggle, even for adults. Trying to get kids to do it sometimes feels like an
out-and-out battle. There are ways to make your kids actually want to eat what’s good for them
without too much fuss

Keep the Focus on the Time Together

If you’re constantly telling them to eat their vegetables, they’re less likely to want to do it. If you
can, have set meal times and eat as a family. Spend time together and talk about your days. They’ll
eat because they’re hungry, and the calm atmosphere will be much better than ghting about food.

Give Them Options

Feeling like they have a choice in what they’re eating makes kids want to actually eat what’s on
their plates. Let them pick between broccoli and carrots or grapes and strawberries. They’ll be
excited to eat a meal they feel like they planned.

Eat the Same Thing

Don’t make mac and cheese for them and something else for you. Make one meal for the whole
family, making sure it contains all nutrients. Everyone will be eating healthier and they’ll feel like
they’re being treated like an adult.

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Keep Snacks Healthy

Kids love to snack. Giving them fruit or baby carrots for a snack instead of cookies or chips will
make them become more appealing over time.

Lead by Example

Treats are good in moderation, but if your kids see you having them all the time, they’ll want to eat
them too. If most of the food in the house is healthy, that’s what they’ll eat.

Following these tips encourages lifelong healthy eating habits.

New Jersey Family- December 2019- “Raising Healthy Eaters (Yes, it’s Possible).”

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