How to Handle Temper Tantrums

How to Handle Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums are dreaded, but they’re a fact of life, especially with toddlers. These tips will help
when they happen:

Stay Calm

If you’re not calm, they won’t be either. Talk to your child in a steady voice and be understanding. If
you’re sensitive and receptive to their frustration, they’ll be more likely to feel better about it more

Give them Some Control

Don’t ask yes or no questions or force them to do something. Give them a choice of what they want
to do. For example, instead of just telling them they need to get dressed, ask “Do you want to wear
the green or purple shirt today?” If they feel like they have a choice, they’ll feel more independent
and be less likely to break down.

Know What Causes Them

If there are certain things that seem to always upset your child, try to avoid them as much as you
can. If they’re unavoidable, try to plan ahead to reduce the stress of the situation as much as

Give In

Sometimes the best thing to do is just give in. Let your kid avoid eating their vegetables if it avoids
a 2 hour ght or go to bed a half hour later if it’ll make bedtime easier. Just make sure to explain
that this is your decision so that they don’t think this behavior will always get them what they
want. Simply saying “You must be full, so you don’t have to nish your vegetables tonight, but
they’re important to save room for tomorrow,” or “I’ve decided I’ll let you stay up just this once,”
keeps you in control.

Give them Space

If all else fails, you may just need to let them cry it out. Let them know that you’re there if they
need you, then leave them alone for a while. They might just be feeling overwhelmed and want to
be away from other people.


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