Raising a Resiliant Child

Raising a Resiliant Child

Resilience is an incredibly benecial quality to have. A resilient child will be better equipped to
handle stress or struggles throughout their life. There are some things that a parent can do to raise
a resilient child.

Show Your Faith in Them

Make sure they know you’re proud of them, no matter what. Everyone makes mistakes, and that
knowledge will allow them to see that as okay. This will help your children be less hard on
themselves, and be better at bouncing back when life is imperfect.

Encourage Risk-Taking

Encourage your child to take certain risks. Push them out of their comfort zone so that they don’t
always stick to the same thing. It’ll give them condence that they can handle challenges.

Look at Things in a Different Light

Learning how to take negative events and think positively about it can help them cope better with
difculties. If something happens that’s making them unhappy, ask them to think about other
things they can do because of that. This is a skill that can help them throughout life.

Teach Gratitude

Instead of asking about their day in a general way, ask them to think about the best thing that
happened. It encourages optimism and seeing the bright side in even the most stressful of days.

Don’t Rescue Them

It may be tempting to help your kid out when they’re struggling with something, but letting them
handle it on their own increases their problem-solving skills.




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