Famous People You Might Not Know Had a Montessori Education

Monarch Montessori School

Attending a Montessori school provides many more benets than your average preschool
education. It allows them to learn and grow in their own way and opens the door for them to fully
explore their passions and talents.
Many people who grew up to be highly successful were once Montessori students. These are some
well-known people that have attributed their success to their Montessori education:

Sergey Brin & Larry Page- Co-founders of Google

The founders of Google attended Montessori schools as children. When asked about the secret to
Google’s success, they have largely attributed it to their experience with the Montessori method.
“We both went to Montessori school, and I think it was part of that training of not following rules
and orders, and being self-motivated,” Page said in an ABC interview.
“I do think that I beneted from the Montessori education, which in some ways gives the students
a lot more freedom to do things at their own pace, to discover,” Brin said at the Breakthrough
Learning in the Digital Age conference.

Will Wright- Video Game Designer

Will Wright is best known for being the creator of games SimCity, The Sims and Spore. He attended
a Montessori school and has credited his Montessori education with being an inspiration for his
“Montessori taught me the joy of discovery,” Wright said to The Wall Street Journal. It showed you
can become interested in pretty complex theories, like Pythagorean theory, say, by playing with
blocks. SimCity comes right out of Montessori.”

Jeff Bezos- Founder of Amazon

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is another famous Montessorian. He is such a fan of the Montessori
method that he is launching a network of Montessori-inspired preschools in underserved
“Education is not the lling of a pail, but the lighting of a re. And lighting that re early is a giant
leg up for any child,” Bezos said.

Stephen Curry- NBA All-Star

Stephen Curry is known for his basketball skills, but what is less well-known is that he attended
Montessori school growing up.
“Montessori gave me a lot of condence at a young age,” Curry said. “I used to love it when I’d come
to school because there was something new I was going to learn every single day.”

Gabriel García Márquez- Writer

Despite going on to be a Nobel Prize winning novelist, García had issues learning to read as a child.
“When I arrived at Montessori, the teacher did not teach me the names but the sounds of the
consonants,” he said in his autobiography. “So I could read the rst book I found in a dusty chest…It
was unstitched and incomplete but it absorbed me in a very intense way.”
Providing your child with a Montessori education is one of the best things you can do for them. It
allows them to reach their full potential and grow into who they are truly meant to be.

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