The Benefits to a Montessori Education

The Benefits to a Montessori Education

A Montessori education is one that is based on the methods of Dr. Maria Montessori. There are
many benefits to providing your child with a Montessori education.

It nurtures the child’s own desires

Instead of sitting at desks and being taught the same lesson, students in Montessori schools
choose their own activities. Teachers are there to guide
students when needed, but they are allowed to choose what to focus on and if they want to work
independently or with other students.

There’s a sense of community

A main trait of Montessori schools is mixed-aged classrooms. Students will be in the same
classroom with each other for multiple years and form bonds with each other and with the

It helps children learn routine

While Montessori students get to choose what activities they want to focus on, there is always a
routine to the day’s events. Focusing on routines keeps the day feeling structured and allows
children to know their importance going into the future.

It gives children independence

Allowing students to choose what activities they want to focus on and learn at their own pace
gives them the ability to be independent, which is a great quality to have.

It teaches important life skills

In Montessori classrooms, there are practical life activities that teach students things such as
ironing and cleaning up after themselves. These skills can be applied to helping around the house
and will be beneficial in adult life as well.


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