Ways to Teach Your Child Manners

Ways to Teach Your Child Manners

Ways to Teach Your Child Manners: Manners are such an important thing for a person to have. They can mean the difference between
coming across as rude and coming across as approachable. To get ahead in life, having good
manners is the key, but no one is born saying “please” and “thank you.” Manners are something that
need to be taught. Here are some tips on teaching your kids to have them:

1. Lead by Example

Your kids want to be just like you. So, if you’re forgetting to thank the person who holds the door
for you at the grocery store or chewing with your mouth open at dinner, you may want to think
about changing something about your routine. Make sure you’re exemplifying the behaviors you
want your child to model. They’ll be copying you in no time

2. Take advantage of play dates

Play dates are a great place for your child to learn manners that’ll help them out far later in life.
Make sure your child is sharing their toys with their friends while they’re playing. When preparing
for a friend’s arrival- and after they leave- have your child help you make sure the area is clean. If
your child has just visited a friend’s house, make sure they’re thanking the host and saying goodbye
before leaving.

3. Explain why it’s important

At a young age, it’s hard to understand why they’re supposed to do what you’re telling them to. Ask
questions like “You wouldn’t want to watch someone else pick their nose, right?” or “Wouldn’t you
want someone to thank you if you did something for them?” It puts things into perspective and
makes manners feel more natural.

4. Practice

If there’s a nice event coming up or if your child has just seemed particularly resistant to other
methods lately, don’t be afraid to play pretend. Set up tablecloths, make a nice dinner, and get
everyone dressed up. Then, pretend you’re at a fancy restaurant or party. Model the behavior you
would exhibit in such a situation and have your child do the same. It’s harder to do anything
without experience and practice makes perfect.

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5. Make it Fun

Just being told there are rules you have to follow can feel really boring. Try to make a game out of
it instead. Have a table setting contest and give the winner a prize. Act out different scenarios
someone might nd themselves in and declare whoever comes up with the best response of what
to do the winner. If manners don’t feel like a chore, your child is more likely to want to have them.

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