Help Your Kids Get Better Sleep

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Help Your Kids Get Better Sleep

Children need a lot of sleep. A one or two-year-old needs twelve hours of sleep a day, and a three-year-old needs eleven. Even though kids need sleep, it’s sometimes extremely hard to get them to fall asleep. Here are some tips to make bedtime easier.

– Remove Distractions Turn off the TV and take away the tablet. Your kid may be entertained, but they’ll also be distracted. Allow time for some quiet, technology-free playtime before bed and falling asleep will be easier.

– Leave the room Your kid may like you being around when they’re going to bed, but they need to be able to fall asleep without you. If they complain about you being gone, step out and say you’ll be back soon. Come back in a minute or so. Soon enough, you’ll be able to step out for longer and longer, until they can fall asleep without you.

– Set a routine Kids like routine. Have a set time for bathing, having them brush their teeth, and relaxing. Consistency is key.

– Avoid car naps Letting your kid nap in the car may seem like a good way to let them get their sleep, but If they do it too much, they’ll get used to the motion. Without it, they’ll have more trouble sleeping. Try to prevent you kid from sleeping in the car and nap at home instead. – Keep it quiet Make sure your kid Is going to sleep in a quiet room. If they want some type of noise, play some soft, quiet music. It’ll relax them.


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