The Holidays at Monarch Montessori School!

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Read about how Monarch Montessori Students celebrate the changing of the seasons!

At Monarch Montessori School, we offer a unique, self-paced but guided learning environment that encourages students to embrace their own curiosity. For the Holiday Season, we motivate Monarch students to observe their environments by acknowledging the changing seasons, and to connect with themselves and their communities’ through traditional Montessori practices.

Monarch Montessori students prepared for the first snowfall by learning and illustrating the steps taken to create their very own snowmen over the Holiday Break. Students were encouraged to explore their inner creativity during this exercise while also learning the importance of following direction. Through hands-on exploration and supervised activities, students develop the confidence that comes from independent exploration.

Students have been learning about the changing of the seasons through experiential arts-and-crafts and science activities that pertain to their local natural environment in New Jersey. In the last month, Monarch Montessori elementary students have studied local raptors in New Jersey and their flight patterns, eating habits, and habitats. Monarch Montessori primary-age students focused on creating their own individual snowflakes to learn about the unique structures that nature creates!

At Monarch Montessori School, children have the opportunity to unleash their curiosity, self-confidence, and creativity through independent exploration of materials and activities that are embedded in our curriculum. We celebrate the holidays at Monarch Montessori School to mark the changing of the seasons and to motivate students to acknowledge and observe their natural surroundings and opportunities.

Take-Home Activities

In our “Punch-Hole Snowflake” activity, Monarch Montessori students practiced their dexterity and creativity through this supervised project, which was then used to decorate the halls of our school!

Montessori Early Education

At Monarch Montessori school, we believe children learn best when they are in an environment where they can work at their own pace, guided by their own interests and goals. Each student made their own unique “Hole-Punch” snowflake and wrote poems to attach to each. This activity encouraged students to explore their creativity while also learning the science behind the special structures created in nature and how no two snowflakes are the same!

Montessori Education NJ

Our Elementary classes took on a classic holiday project; baking and decorating holiday cookies from scratch to share with classmates and family members over the Holiday Break. This activity catered to students’ knowledge of practical life-skills like cooking, baking, and cleaning up after yourself – while also leaving room for a lot of fun and creativity!

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We understand how important it is for children to feel confident while learning. Our daily school curriculum allows for a child to learn age-appropriate skills and to foster independence and self-motivation. Through the development of a sense of self-esteem and confidence, students build problem solving skills through independent learning without the use of high technology.

Our Montessori program’s approach to education promotes child-centered, child-led learning experiences that develop students’ social, emotional and cognitive abilities. Students further develop their understanding for a sense of community through our holiday celebrations and activities.

Happy Holidays from Monarch Montessori School!

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