Month: May 2020

How to Handle Temper Tantrums

How to Handle Temper Tantrums Temper tantrums are dreaded, but they’re a fact of life, especially with toddlers. These tips will helpwhen they happen: Stay Calm If you’re not calm, they won’t be either. Talk to your child in a steady voice and be understanding. Ifyou’re sensitive and recepti

Encouraging Kindness in Kids

Encouraging Kindness in Kids Kindness and compassion are important qualities for people to have. They help a person be well-rounded andunderstanding of where others are coming from. Therefore, parents want to nurture these qualities in their children.There are easy ways to teach and encourage kindne

How to Cope with Family Stress

How to Cope with Family Stress When your kids are stressed out, you’re likely to feel their stress. The opposite is also true. So, it’s easy for the whole family to end up feelingoverwhelmed. Here are some tips to handle the stress and bond as a family in the process. Get More Sleep Lack of [&he

Improving Your Child’s Memory

Ways to Improve your Child’s Memory Memory is important. It allows us to relive important experiences and life and helps us learn. Having an improved memory can help boost a kid’s language skills and help them experience life more vividly. Here are some tips to help them boost their memories. St

Raising a Resiliant Child

Raising a Resiliant Child Resilience is an incredibly benecial quality to have. A resilient child will be better equipped tohandle stress or struggles throughout their life. There are some things that a parent can do to raisea resilient child. Show Your Faith in Them Make sure they know you’re pro